Becoming A Physical Therapist

If you are hoping to become a physical therapist, you should know that this is a career choice that will require years of education followed by training in anatomy, kinesiology, physical fitness and biology. There are some physical therapists in Virginia area that will also gather extensive training with patient psychology to help with understanding patients and helping them to cope with the emotional challenges that are often associated with a range of physical ailments.

As with many career choices, your path to success can come in different forms. With physical therapy, you need to be sure that you go through the right training and research your options in the field. Because the patients have been through the serious illness or injury, you need to be able to focus pain management, movement and also have a kind demeanor that will offer the best possible patient experience.

A physical therapist will often work as part of a rehabilitation crew that will provide hands-on therapy, stretching maneuvers and exercises for the patients who have chronic conditions or certain injuries as a way to facilitate health and to ease the pain. You can also opt to work in a clinic, private office, nursing home or hospital, either on a full time or part time basis. Depending on where you work, there could also be openings for per diem workers, which may be better for you to have if you want to keep a flexible schedule.

No matter what, you will see that finding the right school to become a physical therapist will be your best first step. After you can go through the schooling and you have the hands-on training in the field to get you the skills that are necessary, you can then move into a rewarding career as a physical therapist so that you have the ability to start improving lives.

Most Popular Girl Bands Of All Time

salt_n_pepa_copy_740_486_s_c1When you unite talented females and good vocals, you get some of the most popular girl bands of all time. Though pop culture changes at a rapid pace, these groups have withstood the test of time, even if their style of music is no longer the norm.

#1. Destiny’s Child

Before Beyonce became a fantastic best-selling solo artist, she was a member of the trio girl group Destiny’s Child. “Say My Name” and “Survivor” are still tracks many fans will recognize. Though the band officially disbanded years ago, they reunited to create a new track “Nuclear” in 2013.

#2. The Supremes

Popular in the 1960’s and recognizable with band member Diana Ross, no other group of girls has withstood the test of time as The Supremes. Even modern youth will recognize one version or another of their hit songs such as “Baby Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go”.

spcegirlsunionjack_1314#3. Spice Girls

No one can forget the Spice Girls of the ’90s. They were an iconic pop group consisting of five girls all with different stage personas. Of course, we all know the success of Victoria Beckham, and perhaps she still brings back those good old days when the Spice Girls were putting out top hits.

#4. TLC

Even if you don’t know much about this ’90s band, you will undoubtedly recognize their top hit song “Waterfalls”. Unfortunately, the band broke up after Lisa Lopes was arrested for aarson and then died in a car accident in 2002. It seems to be looking up for the remaining two members as sources say they’re looking to put out a new album in the near future.

Pop culture changes and girl bands come and go. Very few are relevant years after their hit songs were played and the band has broken up. It does seem however, that quite a few groups still warm our hearts.

3 Of The Most Prominent Feminists In History

sojourner-truthGender inequality is still an issue that continues to effect society, despite claims related to progressive thinking. To date, the scenario has transformed somewhat from a century ago and the majority of these changes are often attributed to past work conducted by a collective group of people know as feminists. Below are three of the most famous and greatest feminists from the past.

1.Sojourner Truth

Born by the name Isabella Baumfree, Sojourner Truth was one of the first crusaders against gender inequality and discrimination. Baumfree was born into the times of slavery and spent almost 30 years as one of the slaves until she found freedom in the year 1827. In the year 1836 she was the very first African American woman that won a lawsuit in the U.S in the case about her son who was sold off as one of the slaves. In 1843 she took on the name Sojourner Truth saying it was a message from God. Her speech in 1851 known as the “Ain’t I a Woman” is one of the landmarks in the feminist history movement.

2.Susan Brownell Anthony

Born in 1820, Susan was a foremost leader in the anti-slavery movement and the American suffragist movement. She was involved in the organization of various lectures and campaigns on this issue across the country. She also played an important role in the formation of the Women’s Loyal National League. Anthony along with fifteen other women voted in the 1872 presidential election that she was later arrested and then convicted for. She was known as the very first real women to feature on a U.S coin.

3.Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Born in 1815, Stanton was an important and noteworthy figure in the earlier feminist movements. She was a close friend of Susan B. Anthony and co-authored in the book known as History of Woman Suffrage. Stanton conceived what was known as the Declaration of Sentiments and served the position of president for 8 years to the National Woman Suffrage Association. She wrote the Woman’s Bible in the year 1895 and her autobiography in 1898 known as Eighty Years And More.