Most Popular Girl Bands Of All Time

salt_n_pepa_copy_740_486_s_c1When you unite talented females and good vocals, you get some of the most popular girl bands of all time. Though pop culture changes at a rapid pace, these groups have withstood the test of time, even if their style of music is no longer the norm.

#1. Destiny’s Child

Before Beyonce became a fantastic best-selling solo artist, she was a member of the trio girl group Destiny’s Child. “Say My Name” and “Survivor” are still tracks many fans will recognize. Though the band officially disbanded years ago, they reunited to create a new track “Nuclear” in 2013.

#2. The Supremes

Popular in the 1960’s and recognizable with band member Diana Ross, no other group of girls has withstood the test of time as The Supremes. Even modern youth will recognize one version or another of their hit songs such as “Baby Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go”.

spcegirlsunionjack_1314#3. Spice Girls

No one can forget the Spice Girls of the ’90s. They were an iconic pop group consisting of five girls all with different stage personas. Of course, we all know the success of Victoria Beckham, and perhaps she still brings back those good old days when the Spice Girls were putting out top hits.

#4. TLC

Even if you don’t know much about this ’90s band, you will undoubtedly recognize their top hit song “Waterfalls”. Unfortunately, the band broke up after Lisa Lopes was arrested for aarson and then died in a car accident in 2002. It seems to be looking up for the remaining two members as sources say they’re looking to put out a new album in the near future.

Pop culture changes and girl bands come and go. Very few are relevant years after their hit songs were played and the band has broken up. It does seem however, that quite a few groups still warm our hearts.